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American Medical Association AGAINST ICD-10 Implementation

November 16, 2011 Leave a comment

The American Medical Association have voted to fight against the implementation of ICD-10. Many major hospital systems have come out against it stating that it is too expensive to implement.

Healthcare IT News reports that the 65th Interim Meeting of the AMA in New Orleans, in fact, “the AMA House of Delegates voted to work vigorously to stop implementation of ICD-10,” primarily on the grounds that the “timing could not be worse” for this “massive and expensive undertaking” brings too little benefit to physicians, and will prove disruptive as they also work to implement EHRs and demonstrate meaningful use. Citing a 2008 study, AMA explained that projected costs of converting to the unfunded code sets mandate will cost even a three-physician practice $84,000 and slightly more than $285,000 for a 10-physician group.


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