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ICD-10 Implementation To Cost Physicians and Hospitals Millions

ICD-10 implementation is expected to happen now (after delays) in October 2014. The American Medical Association and Medical Group Management Associations state that implementation will cost a single  physician $27,000 – $29,000. This amount of money could potentially be detrimental to a physician ‘s (and even a hospitals) bottom line. Below is how much ICD-10 could potentially cost physicians (and hospitals). The calculations you will find below are based upon the number of physicians a facility has. Here is what some of our nation’s top hospitals might pay.


Cleveland Clinic                                                  –       $70,000,000   – $75,000,000

Duke Medical Center                                         –       $39,000,000    – $42,000,000

Emory University Hospital                              –       $27,000,0000  – $29,000,000

Johns Hopkins Hospital                                 –        $57,000,000     – $62,000,000

Massachusetts General Hospital                  –       $48,000,000 – $51,000,000

Mayo Clinic                                                         –        $99,000,000   – $107,000,000

Northwestern Memorial Hospital                 –        $48,000,000  – $51,000,000

NY Presbyterian Hospital                                –      $165,000,000  – $178,000,000

Ochsner Health System                                   –       $25,000,000    – $27,000,000

Texas Medical Center                                        –      $540,000,000  – $580,000,000

UCLA Medical Center                                        –       $52,000,000    -$56,000,000

Vanderbilt University Medical Center          –      $324,000,000  –  $348,000,0000

  1. August 18, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    The entire country of Great Briton started using ICD-10 in 2004. Lack of planning in the US should not be seen as an excuse. Of course, if you don’t plan for the conversion it will cost more. It’s like everything in a computerized world, you have to stay up with the current version of software and standards.

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