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The Physicians Prescription for Health Care Reform

In the U.S. Congress, there are currently 21 physicians.  The physicians are  Senator John Barasso,
Rep. Dan Benishek,Rep. John Boustany, Rep. Paul Broun, Rep. Michael Burgess, Rep. Larry Buschon, Rep. Bill Cassidy, Rep. Donna Christensen, Senator Tom Coburn, Rep. Scott DesJarlais, Rep. John Fleming, Rep. Phil Gingrey, Rep. Paul Gosar, Rep. Andy Harris, Rep. Nan Hayworth, Rep. Joe Heck, Rep. Jim McDermott, Senator Rand Paul, Rep. Ron Paul, Rep.Tom Price, and Rep. Phil Roe. One of the physicians is an anesthesiologist, one is a dentist, one is an emergency medicine physician, four are family practitioners, one is a gastroenterologist, four are obstetricians / gynecologists, one is a psychiatrist, and four are surgeons (cardiovascular, thoracic, general, and orthopedic). Below is a listing of bills and provisions the physicians have introduced  that includes their prescription for health care reform.


Bills by Physician

John Barrasso    –  S. 244   (State Health Care Choice Act)
Michael Burgess – H.R. 896  (Medical Justice Act)
Bill Cassidy          – H.R. 3315  (Direct M.D. Care Act)
Tom Coburn        – S. 1031        (Medicaid Improvement and State Empowerment Act)
Phil Gingrey        – H.R. 5       (Protecting Access to Healthcare Act)
Paul Gosar           – H.R. 1150  (Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act)
Joe Heck               – H.R. 2472  (Health Care Professionals Protection Act)
Jim McDermott  – H.R. 1256   (Medicare Physician Payment Transparency Act)
Ron Paul              – H.R. 147     (Prescription Drug Affordability Act)
Tom Price            – H.R. 969     (Medical Practice Freedom Act)


Key Provisions


Medical Practice Management Provisions

Cap on non-economic damages to health care practitioners and hospitals (Source 2)
Speedy resolution of health insurance claims (Source 5)
Restoring Anti-Trust Laws to Health Insurance Companies (Source 5)
Prohibit health entities from reporting professional review against health care professionals (Source 6)
People may import pharmaceutical drugs into U.S. if is approved by Secretary of Health and Human Services (Source 8)
Physicians not required to participate in any health insurance plan as a condition of licensure (Source 9)
Tax incentive for maintaining health care coverage (Source 10)
Financial incentive for treatment compliance (Source 10)
Student Loan forgiveness for primary care providers (Source 10)
Federally supported student loans for medical students (Source 10)


Medicare and Medicaid Provisions
Establish pilot program for monthly fee based direct primary care medical home Medicare and Medicaid enrollees (Source 3)
Require analytic contractors to review Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (Source 7)
Refundable tax credit for low-income individuals (Source 10)
Enforcement of Medicare Secondary Payment Provisions (Source 10)


State Health Care Provisions
States can opt out of provisions of Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act   (Source 1)
State incentive fund for medical malpractice reform (Source 4)
Grant to create health care tribunal (Source 10)
Track banned medical providers across state lines (Source 10)



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