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2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Released

CMS has released the Physician Fee Schedule for 2013 has been released. The fee schedule will be officially published July 20th and will become finalized November 1. Primary Care will sill see a 16% increase in reimbursement and specialities will see a 33% decrease in reimbursement.  Here exactly is how it is broken down by specialty.


Family Practice        7%
Internal Medicine    5%
Geriatricians              4%
Radiation Oncology     -15%
Radiology                       -4%
Anesthesiology            -3%
Cardiology                     -3%
Vascular Surgery        -3%
Pathology                     -2%
Urology                         -2%
Neurosurgery               -1%

No Effect
General Surgery
Plastic Surgery


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  1. August 18, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    The UK pays all physicians the same base salary (30% of total depends on meeting quality targets). Neurosurgeons and primary care — the same. And, the UK has no physician shortage! Exactly what is our system here — pay more and have manpower shortages????

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