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51% of Primary Care Physicians Stop Accepting Medicaid Patients

Primary care physicians are struggling to survive in today’s economic climate. They of all the medical specialties have the lowest reimbursement rates and it is causing great harm to their bottom line. The fact that insurance  companies have been deliberately holding back reimbursement from physicians as well as continue to defraud Medicare and Medicaid in order to protect company profits does not help the matter either (Source 1). On the flip side of things, this is having a severely negative impact on patient access. According to a recent study released by Jackson Healthcare, 51% of physicians plan to no longer accept new Medicaid patients. In addition, 26% of primary care physicians have stopped accepting new Medicare patients (Source 2). Health and Human Services estimates that 13 million – 26 million will be new Medicaid enrollees thanks to the Affordable Care Act by 2020 (Source 3).  The private sector, states, and the federal government (HHS) need to fix this situation now before it gets any worse. Otherwise, we will have a huge crisis on our hands and thus no primary care physicians to care for Medicaid patients.


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3. http://aspe.hhs.gov/health/reports/2012/MedicaidTakeup/ib.shtml

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