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Health Insurance Mandate = No More Concierge Practices

As many of you know, the insurance mandate in the Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) will go into effect 2014. This means that everyone will have to purchase insurance (private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare) or they will face massive penalties from the DOJ, IRS, and the Obama Administration. This mandate will greatly hurt concierge practices and may cause them to shutdown. Concierge practices typically do not accept insurance and make their patients pay them upfront. In 2014, the concierge practices will have no choice but to accept insurance. However, there is a provision in the law that is exempt from the insurance mandate and that is the CO-OP provision (section 1322 of the Affordable Care Act). Under this provision, insurance companies are banned from touching the physicians and patients in the CO-OPs. If existing concierge practices wish to stay in business and do not want to fall victim to the mandate, they need to partner directly with the CO-OPs. For more information on CO-OPs that are being developed right now, check out our LinkedIn group Community MedPac and our website which is http://www.medaccessusa.com/

  1. Todd
    August 24, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    So I still do not understand how the government will enforce the mandatory insurance rule. What happens if you lose your job and it comes down to eating or paying your government mandated health insurance policy???? What happens when if times are tough and you need to take a job that pays just enough to put food and basic necessities on the table?

    Are we going to have to go back to the days before child labor laws and have our kids start earning early in their lives so they can pitch in for the government mandated insurance?

    Was Obama just trying to make financial friends with the insurance companies? It seems like they are the only winners in this situation. Mandatory insurance goes against everything America stands for “Land of the Free” will no longer be the case.

    Secondly, I am assuming individuals that would join Co-Ops are financially set so they do not need the leverage that insurance provides? What happens to these Co-Op patients that need a heart transplant or cancer treatment? Instead of having a deductible and Co-Insurance they now have a sizable medical bill, what happens to them at that point? Insurance provides a stop/loss on their financial burden, what happens to some that needs a treatment that I mentioned?

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